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With over 25 years of experience, our Pupil Activity Validation courses provide OHSAA coaches with the content required by the Ohio Department of Education. This information gives coaches the opportunity to provide their athletes with the safest environment possible to succeed in their respective sport.




Our Mission



Our mission is, with the proper education of coaches across the State of Ohio, we can improve the safety of interscholastic athletics while keeping passion in sport. The information will be presented in a clear and concise manner to educate coaches who are working so closely with young student-athletes.




We aim to provide OHSAA coaches with current medical information to allow the proper handling of health care situations for their athletes. During the 90-120 minute lectures, we cover 26 topics required by the Ohio Department of Education, in addition to other hand-picked topics relevant to current sports medicine practice. 




SportMEDdiscussion offers a wide array of PAV Classes and products


To inquire about any of the services below, please contact Todd Sabol MS, AT. I would love to help you out!





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Cory Gregory

Serial Fitness Entrepreneur, OldSchoolGym Co-Owner, Max Effort Muscle Co-Founder, 2X Elite Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, 12x Cover Model, CF Level 1, Westside Barbell Certified.

I have brought Todd on to give me treatment 2x per week to address my past injuries, current limitations and prevent future injuries. The treatment includes instrument assisted scraping, cupping, myofascial release and various strengthening and mobility work. He has also programmed daily tissue activation routines to address what I need before taking big weights. I am starting to feel like myself again and am excited to get healthier through the work with Todd, even at 39 years old.

Maria Fondale

Rio Grande Track and Field

My senior year of track I developed complications with my sciatic nerve and it had a big effect on my running. Todd helped me rehab; successfully getting me healthy in time for the most important time of my season. He was my athletic trainer for volleyball, basketball, and track. Throughout the years he helped me and my teammates have healthy and successful seasons. Without his knowledge and care as an Athletic Trainer, I probably would not have been able to complete at the collegiate level today. I currently run track at the University of Rio Grande and even today I continue to utilize the stretches, lifts, and rehabbing Todd showed me my senior year of high school. He is not only a great Athletic Trainer but also a great mentor and role model to those around him.

Mike Diamond


I had first come to Todd when I was visiting Old School Gym and he had been kind enough to work with me on a nagging glute issue stemming from a powerlifting meet a few months prior. I had sought out Chiropractic help, Massage therapy and even some self-care via YouTube. I couldn't seem to get it cleared up or figure out the exact source of the issue. When I explained this to Todd he knew exactly what it was. Within 5 minutes he had worked on my piriformis and the issue vanished almost immediately. Todd is by far the person I trust most to go to with any injury that I may encounter, he has helped me with glute issues, elbow issues and a handful of others via his content. He can point you straight to the problem and show you exactly how to fix it.

Brooks Holloway


I developed a sharp pain in my glute about a month out from the IVB Push/Pull powerlifting meet. Todd helped me relieve a lot of that pain through mobility work and get me back on track. I was able to compete using a conventional stance in my deadlift, which was a first for me and set a new competition PR. I am now pushing toward a 500 pull and 500 squat after just turning 35 years of age and feeling stronger than ever thanks to guys like Todd.



Todd Sabol



As a sports medicine professional, former collegiate athlete, and aspiring bodybuilder and powerlifter, I have a unique perspective on the health care of high level athletes. I use a combination of textbook knowledge base, research and immersing myself in various training methods to provide my clients with unique and individualized healthcare plans designed with their specific goals in mind. I constantly strive to broaden my knowledge base in updated techniques such as functional examination, neurokinetic therapy, cupping, corrective exercises, tissue scraping, strength and conditioning, and passive and active releases.



Injury Examination and Diagnosis
Functional Examination/Movement Assessment
Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Performance Enhancement
Soft Tissue Manipulation