Why I Take Amphetamax

Many people suffer from procrastination, anxiety from a never ending to-do list or overall low productivity. These issues can be self-inflicted for various reasons, or they can stem from deeper psychological issues. I am not a psychology person, I do not have extensive education in mental disorders, but I want to give my personal experience with this stuff. I have always been very scatter-brained and it has only seemed to get worse with time. Before I entered graduate school in 2015, my mom convinced me to visit her psychiatrist, just to talk about some of the things I had been experiencing; anxiety to the point of paralysis, not being very productive with work, not remembering things in the short term, and forgetting very important tasks. I was diagnosed with inattentive type ADHD, which is distinctly different from the normal condition of ADHD that you think of when someone is very hyper all the time. I do not struggle with hyperactivity at all, and if anything I am on the opposite end of the spectrum of that. But I had very tough struggles with performing my daily tasks, remembering things I would need to do, or things I told people that I would do for them. The psychiatrist told me that I should not go to graduate school because between the coursework and the graduate assistantship I would need to complete, that it would be too much for me and I would break down. He told me that inattentive type ADHD people can manage their daily symptoms more efficiently by increasing the amount of stimuli that they were exposed to on a daily basis, but that it is not a long term solution. I was advised to get someone to consistently see and have them look into a medication to help my symptoms. I decided to try and meet with one person and it just didn’t work out for scheduling reasons, but I knew that I did not want to have to rely on a pharmaceutical drug to live a normal life.

I went to grad school and still struggled a bit with things but I managed by doing a few things. I committed myself to working out every morning, reading to develop my mind, and using lists every day to keep my thoughts, responsibilities and duties in order. This worked pretty well for me, obviously not perfect, but I made it work. I continued to do these things and expand more on them. My graduate studies were very demanding and my job was very time consuming in addition to a 2 hour commute. Going into my second year I could tell that the stimuli that I had put in my life had begun to not be enough and I started to plateau. So I began to do some more things, increasing my daily commute an additional 2.5 hours every day to train at a world-renowned gym to surround myself with minds of successful business and fitness people, I started my own sports medicine seminar business and I took extra courses to learn more and stimulate my mind even further. I ended up graduating with my Master Degree towards the top of my class, started my own business, started a podcast and dominated my life’s circumstances.

Fast forward two years later and I found myself in the same predicament. I was beginning to plateau again. I still have my own business, a full time job, have started another business, so on and so forth, you get the picture. I had developed more and more strategies to stimulate my mind, specific lists of daily tasks, more reading, more podcasting etc etc, but I was just feeling overwhelmed and foggy again. I had been debating going back to a psychiatrist to talk about counseling and possibly even doing a trial run with some Adderall or something of the sorts, but in my head I also felt like if I did that, that I would be letting myself down and tapping out. So when I recently saw that Max Effort Muscle produced a cognitive brain supplement I had to try it. I had no expectations, because honestly I had heard from many people that they did not work, but I was opened minded to give it a shot. I am pleasantly surprised to say that within 20 minutes of taking it, that I felt this sense of focus, clarity and confidence that I had not felt for years. I had tried Adderall a few times in my undergraduate years during finals week, like many students do, and liked the focus that it gave me and when I took Amphetamax for the first time it was eerily similar to that feeling. I have been cycling it for a month now as I write this article, and I feel the same way every day when I take it in the morning and get ready to tackle my tasks for the day. It has given me a feeling of control and focus with my work that I have never felt. I am more productive, more confident and am better at my personal and business responsibilities than I have ever been. The best part of it is, that I know it has given me an alternative to the heavy pharmaceutical drugs that can create dependence, withdrawal symptoms and have many other effects that I never wanted to mess with. It does not make me jittery or dependent, just focused and ready to get my stuff done. I am very thankful for this supplement and would recommend it to anyone who seems like they can relate to how I used to feel. If you have felt the same way I have or have a story like mine you’d want to share let me know. Amphetamax has given me another tool in my tool box to be the most productive person I can be.

Todd SabolComment